29 Jan

Vented and Solid Moulded Earplugs – Explained!

ProtectHear® personally moulded earplugs are available with two key differences that offer the user clear benefits in terms of the level of hearing protection afforded to them and their perception of the environment around them, this is simply achieved by choosing either a vented or solid moulded earplug design.

Work Safer and Hear your Environment!

To work safely and effectively it is important that we are aware of what is going on around us. ProtectHear® uses its unique vented design to achieve this by allowing air to pass through it carrying the external noise as sound waves before entering a passive acoustic filter. This filter then attenuates or reduces the external noise to a safe level whilst crucially still allowing the user to hear speech, warning signals and important machinery in their workplace environment.

molded earplugsSolid Dependability!

Solid earplugs have no vent in their construction and therefore will not allow air or external noise to pass directly through the earplug. It is advisable to bear in mind that a solid design could potentially reduce the user’s ability to hear their surroundings further. However solid earplugs will afford a far higher degree of hearing protection (attenuation) and are perfect for use in extremely noisy settings where communication and environmental awareness is already impaired, offering the user a comfortable and dependable solution.

Whatever your requirements are, contact us now to discuss your health and safety needs and options when it comes to moulded earplugs.

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