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Personal Users what choices do you have?

Personal Users what choices do you have?

ProtectHear® not only manufactures ear plugs suitable for the working environment but also to accommodate needs for personal users. Here are the ear plugs we have to offer:

Sleep ear plugs – The difference with our sleep plugs are that they are canal length only and hollowed on the outer face for comfort. The sleep plugs lower background noise allowing you to sleep easy, yet still allowing you to hear noises such as fire alarms.

Shoot ear plugs – We supply CENS (Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors) which are made from either acrylic or a soft silicone material. They allow noise through to enable communication, but also shut down noise from gunfire as they are equipped with active electronics.

Bike ear plugs – At speed the noise in your motorbike helmet can exceed the given limit for noise protection. Our ear plugs are designed to block out wind noise and motorbike noise so you can ride your bike with full protection.

Swim ear plugs – Our swim range is designed to prevent water entering the ear canal and offers comfort and protection. If they are removed in the water they are retrievable as they float.

Our music range can be divided into active and passive:

Musician ear plugs (passive) – The ER passive range allows louder sounds to be blocked, whilst allowing lower frequencies pass through. Users can appreciate the sound that comes through to enjoy the experience, but can be assured that it is at a safe level. All frequencies are given a flat response, so pitch and tones are maintained for all sounds and our plugs are available in 3 levels of reduction.

Music ear plugs (active) – We supply i-monitor pros which are compatible with mp3 players and smartphones. These ear plugs produce a high quality hi-fi sound and are a comfortable and fashionable way of listening to music.

If you would like any more information please do contact us.

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