27 Sep 2016

The Health and Safety North

The Health and Safety North

ProtectHear® are exhibiting at the Health and Safety North held at the Bolton Arena, the event will take place the 12th – 13th October. Grab your free registration here and come meet us on Stand E26.

This isn’t our first event with Western Business Exhibitions as we attended The NEC Event earlier this year. This event has 150 Exhibitors showcasing their products/services, to over 2500 visitors keen to venture in this particular sector. Conferences and Seminars are presented throughout the two days.

The next show will be Health and Safety Scotland,  for more information about the events visit the website here.


health and safety

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09 Sep 2016

Listen in… It’s the SHE Show Blackpool

It’s soon time to commence with the first of three SHE shows for this year, starting at Blackpool on 20th September. It will be held at the Hilton Hotel with many guest speakers, key suppliers and service providers in the SHE sector. This is our sixth year exhibiting since the shows first originated by Washington Dowling.

ProtectHear® will be on stand 26, showcasing our custom ear plugs and the importance of protecting employees from NIHL. Our product ensures protection at the ‘safe’ level, attenuating noises so conversation and warnings can still be heard, not over protecting. We are a key supplier to many areas such as Food and Drink, Manufacturing, Transport etc.

We are keen to see what the event unfolds, educating on how companies can save money with our product and be fully protected. Check out our cost savings calculator to find out how much you can save.

Find out more about the SHE Show North West.

health and safety event

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02 Sep 2016

ProtectHear® Renew RISQS

Proud Member of the RISQS

ProtectHear® are once again proud members of the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS). This credential means we have been checked and qualified that our product is suitable for the Rail Industry. We are a direct supplier to Network Rail and have been supplying the industry now for over 7 years! In terms of what we already do in the sector this enhances our portfolio further.

photo 12 photo 1

Track safety is important, with our product you can hear warning signals and communication, not allowing you to be blocked from the environment. To find out more about our product/services please do contact us.

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12 Aug 2016

Silicone ear plugs feature ‘Inside the Factory’

Silicone ear plugs feature on the BBC

Did you catch any of series two of ‘Inside the Factory’ that has been featuring on BBC 2 recently? You can see the largest factories in Britain, what process our foods are subject to in these mass production plants and really see the sheer scale of production. Episode one of the series explored inside ‘Walkers’, the worlds largest potato crisp site, where an impressive 5 million packets of crisps are made every day. The second episode featured Heinz, the largest baked bean factory – can you believe they are making over 3 million cans of beans a day?

On a hearing level, we wondered how they are protecting their employees?… 🙂

Silicone ear plugs

….check out the silicone ear plugs being used by workers at Heinz… The ear plugs are great for working in such a noisy environment as they protect hearing at a safe level whilst still allowing speech. Episode three featured Kelloggs, the largest cereal production site in Europe that manufactures over a million boxes a day and you can see our earplugs in use again.

Silicone ear plugs

Our silicone ear plugs are made for perfect use within the food manufacturing industry as they are metal detectable. They can be worn with all other forms of PPE and offer maximum comfort for ease of wear. They are also easy to maintain and clean.

To watch the series so far visit BBC iPlayer.

And if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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09 Aug 2016

How do I fit my custom moulded earplugs

How do I fit my custom moulded earplugs?

With custom moulded earplugs an accurate fit and proper protection is assured. A pair of custom moulded earplugs are streets ahead of disposables, and consequently the fitting is a little different.  In this blog we are going to explain step by step how to fit our earplugs, with the help of our Managing Director Richard…

But before that….many of you ask…

How is the shape of my ear moulded?

We carefully take an ‘impression’ of your ear shape before we produce your plugs. You can see how impressions are taken before they are manufactured into ProtectHear® with our personally moulded earplugs process blog.

How to fit – an easy guide….

Firstly you need to identify which earplug is for which ear, this is easy as the right ear plug is marked with a red dot.

Before attempting to fit the earplug you should make sure your hands are clean, holding the plug with the index finger and thumb with the flat side facing away from the ear.

Place the earplug canal into the ear canal, gently twisting the ear plug back until it slides easily into the ear.

fitting custom earplugs


Once the earplug is secured in the bottom half of the ear, place the earplug helix into the top of your ear.

custom earplug fit

Ensuring the fit is correct is important; gently push the flat area of the earplug into the bowl for both ears.

But how do you remove them?

Removing is simple…

Using clean hands press on the back of the earflap with index finger, to lift earplug away from the ear bowl.

remove custom earplug

Smoothly slide your index finger and grip the front of the ear plug using your thumb.

From there gently twist the earplug forward to remove safely.

remove protecthear


How do I maintain my earplugs?

We have our full FAQs on how to properly maintain our earplugs.

Any questions? Give us a call or drop us a line.

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25 Jul 2016

Earplugs – The true cost of disposables…

The Truth about Disposable Earplugs….

Disposable earplugs are used widely across noisy work areas and are seen as a cheap solution, but are they really?

Disposable earplugs may cost a small amount and may seem like a cost saving solution in the short term, but in the long term there can be huge costs associated with them.

The PPE budgetary cost of disposable earplugs….

Disposables cannot be worn all day; people tend to wear 3-6 sets a day! This over a year is 720-1440 pairs for a full time employee (excluding holiday 4 weeks).

The health costs of disposable earplugs…..

Health risks to employees could be costly as the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) estimates that around 40% of people who use disposables aren’t fitting them correctly. This 40% do not have the full protection they require and it could be putting them at risk of NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss, or Industrial Deafness).

The potential claims costs of disposable earplugs….

Claims as regards NIHL are on the rise, over the last 5 years the notification of NIHL claims has increased by more than 300% according to the Insurance Times.  We visualise it growing rapidly and if employers want to fully protect themselves from these claims, then appropriate hearing protection should be high on the agenda.

Personally moulded hearing protection such as ProtectHear® earplugs protects the user fully. They have a lifespan of 5 years, making them eco-friendly by reducing landfill. The initial cost outlay may be higher than disposables but the saving over a five year period is staggering. We can show you a payback period within 12-18 months on average, after the money has being saved.

Our cost saving calculator is a great tool to find out how much you can save with ProtectHear® in comparison to disposables.  Find it here and let the numbers do the talking.

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