26 Feb

What are the losses?

We find that losses of our ear plugs are around 2-3% per year. The original impressions are held for 5 years on file, so we can manufacture replacements. The losses are generally reducing, due to ProtectHear® educating the workforce with Toolbox Talks on our ear plugs.

Toolbox Talks are a great way of explaining to users how to fit, maintain and retain the ear plugs. Our pouch is equipped with a belt clip, so the user can keep the product on them at all times. You wouldn’t lose your phone, keys or wallet would you? So why would you lose our ear plugs! They are personalised to you and your company is giving you the opportunity to have the best quality hearing protection. The ear plugs being unique give users a sense of ownership.

We are happy to give companies a chance to trial our product with a sample of employees over an 8 week period, to show our commitment and confidence in the product. Supporting toolbox talks at the start of the trial, to take the first steps in the right direction.

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