20 Dec

Brand New Ear Plug Fitting Video

Brand New Ear Plug Fitting Video

Fitting your ear protection correctly is very important to prevent noise induced hearing loss.  You can have the best hearing protection available, but if users don’t fit them properly there is little point wearing them. For this reason we have developed a brand new animated ear plug fitting video.

The new video shows ProtectHear® users how to fit ProtectHear® custom moulded ear plugs properly.

The video is designed to help people who are new to the product, better understand the fitting and removal process. The cleaning process is also shown, in the video. It clearly explains how users can maintain their ear plugs to the highest possible standard.

This video expands on an earlier video we released re ‘The ProtectHear® Process’, which shows how the ear impressions are taken and how the ear plug moulds are manufactured.

Both of these videos can be found on the ProtectHear® YouTube Channel.

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