10 Sep

Reduce landfill, ditch disposables…

Disposable ear plugs

Using disposable ear plugs can protect employees from noisy areas and also gives them the ability to wear disposables with other PPE equipment. But employees use a number of these every day whether it is to take them out at lunch or replacing them when they fall out. Companies use thousands of disposables to protect their employees, but there is a better type of product…

Custom ear plugs

ProtectHear® custom ear plugs provide great protection to employees whilst working and also allow users to hear conversations when communicating with colleagues, on lunch or moving to a quiet work area momentarily, without the need to remove them, due to their unique filter system. ProtectHear® custom ear plugs are a reusable product which has a lifespan of 5 years. In this time thousands of disposables could be used by a single person.

Why is reducing landfill important?

Decreasing waste can also protect valuable resources by reducing the need for replacement items. Landfills are a source of air and water pollution and waste reduction can also reduce energy production and costs. During the Coronavirus pandemic landfill through PPE has increased significantly, meaning it is more important than ever to reduce waste. This is one of the ways ProtectHear® custom ear plugs really make a difference, through reducing landfill over their 5 year lifetime. There are other benefits to ProtectHear® custom ear plugs.

Cost savings

Being environmentally friendly can also offer financial savings, compare the cost for 1 pair of ProtectHear® custom ear plugs to thousands of disposables. On average a company will gain a payback on ProtectHear® custom ear plugs within 2 years.


If the cost savings aren’t enough to convince you then the quality of ProtectHear® custom ear plugs should, the ear plugs are the softest silicone custom ear plugs on the market, offering users outstanding comfort levels.


ProtectHear® custom ear plugs can be connected to SpeakHear® products which are hard wired to a radio from the ear plugs. There is a 12 month warranty on SpeakHear® accessories and the SpeakHear® system is connectable to most radio brands including Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera etc.

Contact us

We are so confident that the product will suit a company’s needs that a ‘Try Before you Buy’ for up to 10 people, is offered to all businesses.  SpeakHear® communication accessories are also offered on the trial. If you have any queries please do contact us on 01507 604322.

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