08 Apr 2016

Custom ear plugs presented at The Health and Safety Event 2016

Custom ear plugs at The HSE NEC

The Health and Safety Event brings as many as 2000 exhibitors together to showcase their products and services. 6000 visitors visit The NEC for this event, to find new solutions to manage health and safety and educate people more on the subject. Our custom ear plugs certainly grab people’s attention; here is what the event entailed…


The exhibition spans three days and opens at 10.00am. We were ready for the first day, with our smart new stand, monitor and interactive cost savings calculator. Not forgetting the eye catching obelisk with 5 years’ worth of disposables and tasty jelly babies to sample!

Following our success at last year’s event, we were looking forward to what the show had in store this time round. Exhibiting on Stand K32 we had an influx of visitors. Being the only exhibitor for custom moulded hearing protection meant there was a lot of interest.

custom ear plugs

Once again we had a prize draw competition for a personal pair of Pro-M music plugs, which was won by Alex Wilson from Rolls Royce.


The Event organised by Western Business Exhibitions provided a great amount of visitors, a range of Health and Safety Exhibitors and seminars throughout the day.

Check out the highlights of the event on Twitter with #HSENEC and the @HandS_Events profile.

You can see how the custom moulded impression process works.

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26 Feb 2016

Custom ear plugs in the Tobacco Industry

Custom ear plugs used in Imperial Tobacco

ProtectHear® are proud to supply custom earplugs to many industries in diverse sectors, ranging from food and drink to oil and energy, and serving clients such as Network Rail, Tata Steel, Heinz, Eon. We pride ourselves on manufacturing best of breed quality custom ear plugs, an excellent level of service, in addition to educating customers on the importance hearing protection.

Imperial Tobacco Group Plc is the world’s fourth-largest international cigarette company measured by market, and the world’s largest producer of cigars, fine-cut tobacco and tobacco papers. It has 51 factories worldwide and its products are sold in over 160 countries. Imperial Tobacco has many brands made in their factories such as Davidoff, L&B, JPS etc. The company are using ProtectHear® in their factory based in Nottingham and we have been supplying Imperial Tobacco for over 8 years.

David Barber, their Occupational Health Advisor said: “About 500 of our employees use the product on the shop floor which is a fairly noisy environment. ProtectHear® are very easy to fit and to use. They are durable and the fact that they are personally moulded adds to the engagement of the employee which is key in occupational health. The customer service from ProtectHear® is excellent”.

Initially Imperial Tobacco had a ‘Try Before you Buy‘ in 2008, which helped them reached their decision of implementing ProtectHear® throughout the whole factory. With a lifespan of 5 years our product was the best option when compared to disposables – not only for cost savings but also for employee health. As David mentioned, the fact that they are personal provides an enhanced sense of ownership to the employee, providing them with a new innovative product that they can call their own.

Check out the Events that ProtectHear® will be attending this year to find out more.

Stamp out claims of NIHL with ProtectHear®.

custom ear plugs


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29 Jan 2016

Custom Moulded Earplugs – Stamp out Claims of NIHL

What is NIHL and how can custom moulded earplugs help?

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is also known as industrial deafness. This can be caused by being exposed to an excessive amount of noise, resulting in cases of NIHL. Hearing damage from NIHL is irreversible, so it is important that everyone is educated about their hearing and are aware of the impact it can have. Many production/engineering firms commonly have noise issues.

When is it time to take action?

If employees are exposed to 80 db in the workplace this is a lower exposure level and is optional to have hearing protection put in place. At 85 dB and over mandatory hearing protection must be implemented, to protect employees hearing health and also employers from present and future claims of NIHL. Adequate hearing protection must be put in place or the noise must be lowered at source of machines or process.

How can ProtectHear® Help?

There are a few types of hearing protection that could be considered such as disposables, ear defenders and custom moulded earplugs. At ProtectHear® we don’t just offer a product, we offer our service and most importantly proper education. We are committed to making sure all our customers are happy with both the product and their knowledge on hearing preservation. The design of our custom moulded earplugs allows noise to pass at an attenuated level, blocking out all the harmful noise, yet still allowing conversation and warnings to be heard.

Custom Moulded earplugs

Our health links provide additional information.

See our Try Before you Buy.

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26 Jan 2016

Custom moulded earplugs feature in The Rail Professional Yearbook

We are pleased to feature in The Rail Professional Yearbook this year and hope we will make interesting reading for the many industry professionals, who make the railway what it is today.

A snippet is below – you can scroll down for a link to the full article which is printable or viewable on line.

Custom moulded earplugs

We have supplied the rail industry for 8 years now, being the only approved supplier of custom moulded earplugs for Network Rail. The article mentions our ‘Try before you buy’ process; this is a great way for companies to test the product for an 8 week period, with no commitment to buy, and enjoy the experience of our top class support and service that we are known for in the industry.

Our product allows noise to come through at a safe attenuated level, allowing the user to hear conversation and warnings. This is great for track safety, providing a better protection in all areas in comparison to ear defenders and disposables.

We also delve in to NIHL (Noise-induced hearing loss). NIHL is a topic forever discussed, and we make it clear that it is important to get the point across to management teams as well as workers. The importance of hearing cannot be underestimated and our mission is to reinforce that with a quality solution that works on many levels.

Our article is featured in pages 114-115, and you can read the full article about custom moulded earplugs .


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11 Dec 2015

Custom made ear plugs being used in William Hare

Custom made ear plugs

Custom made ear plugs are used in William Hare who are a leading player in the steel industry. Around the world clients trust them for the provision of superior steel framework solutions in various industries. They are experts in oil & gas, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, power, nuclear, civil, bridgework, airport and more.

Custom ear plugs

Listen to the Testimonial

Jean Collison, who works in Health and Safety for the company said: “After undertaking a very successful trial in 2007 we selected ProtectHear® custom ear plugs for our hearing protection. Employees at all levels use the product, both in the facilities and on-site”. William Hare took our ‘Try Before you Buy’ offer, where you can trial up to 10 people over an 8 week period, to seek the benefits.

“The product protects from factory noise but enables workers to still hear warning bells, which is critical. Although background noise is reduced, speech can still be heard, which is extremely useful.” ProtectHear® filters allow noise to pass through the ear plug at a safe level, with the user not being under or over protected. This makes ProtectHear® a very good product for communication.

“Employees really like them as they are comfortable and perform well. Our staff appreciate the product being more personal and better quality compared to disposables.” Not only are ProtectHear® ear plugs a better quality, they also save you money. Lasting for a 5 year period this brings significant cost savings.

Custom ear plugs

“Working with ProtectHear® is a really good experience. Everything is organised well and any questions are answered straight away.  They also go the extra mile by helping us promote a sensible health and safety culture internally; they have been involved in some very helpful toolbox talks. Which clearly state the benefits of the product to our employees when it comes to hearing protection”.

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29 Sep 2015

Hearing Protection Solutions at the SHE Show North West

Getting off to a great start in Milton Keynes, the SHE Show began its second show of the year in Blackpool. Read more about what happened second time round:

ProtectHear® has exhibited at the SHE Show for many years now, because it has never failed to disappoint. Showcasing products/services in the Health and Safety at work sector, the show gave us a great chance to spread brand awareness, meet Health and Safety Professionals, workforce and supply chain.

ProtectHear® exhibited this year on stand 30, showcasing its custom moulded hearing protection. The SHE Show is really changing the way we think about Health and Safety. Companies presenting a range of new ideas to truly make a difference in the sector. The Show offers insightful talks from the industry experts throughout the day, giving you a broad scope of the sector.

Already keen to start the next show in Newcastle – #SHEshowNE – ProtectHear® will be proud to stand alongside many experts in the industry. What will be once again, a great show. Find out more about ProtectHear® with samples and further information provided on our stand.

Stamp out Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims, switch to ProtectHear®.


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