03 Jun 2016

Industrial Deafness – It can be stopped!

Industrial Deafness – What is it?

Industrial deafness is hearing loss due to a working environment where you are not fully protected from high levels of noise. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have Noise: Employers responsibilities – legal duties that if a workplace is 85 dB or above, hearing protection is mandatory  – if the levels are 80 dB then advice and options should be given. Companies must now abide under the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

How Can it be Prevented?

Noise Control – The noise can be controlled by reducing or eliminating it at source, so the noise will be below the mandatory/advisory level.

Hearing Protection – providing hearing protection to employees is another option, there are many forms of protection used such as disposables, ear defenders and custom moulded ear plugs.

How can ProtectHear® help?

Our ear plugs fully protect all users as they are perfectly suited to each individual. The soft silicone makes it a comfortable product that can be worn all day, yet still allow communication, whilst attenuating loud noises to a safe level. Our main product is a step in the right direction for preventing any future claims as a result of industrial deafness.

If you are already affected by industrial deafness we do have solutions for you… Our electronic products act as a hearing protector for the hard of hearing in the working environment. This clever technology allows you to communicate when needed with the product, and is equipped with volume settings.

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