History timeline

2000 – Richard Potter had the idea of providing personally moulded hearing protection to industrial companies, which came from his experience of providing them to sports shooters through the family business in Lincoln. Mick Whitaker and Richard Potter who had previously know each other through supplying Police Forces in the UK, decided to form At Source QX together and the company was born with their product ProtectHear. Their first major client was Tata Steel UK (then Corus) where they fitted out 300 employees.

2005 – At Source QX grew from a two man outfit to four with the appointment of their wives in the business. Their client base had grown to 95 companies as the message about personally moulded hearing protection began to spread.

2007 – The ProtectHear product is now very well known in the health and safety arena. Still known mainly as At Source QX, ProtectHear are regularly exhibiting at events showcasing the earplugs in addition to the SpeakHear communications range.

2010 – ProtectHear begin to market the product more creatively and have grown the team to 5 people.

2014 – ProtectHear makes the decision to expand. A firm belief in the products effectiveness in protecting against NIHL (noise induced hearing loss), blended with the confidence to know our product is more effective and cheaper than disposable earplugs, we decide to grow our team further and expand our reach.

2015 – At Source QX Ltd officially changes their trading name to ProtectHear® making the product brand clearer and relatable to the market sector. ProtectHear® recruited a second representative on the road to accommodate business growth.

2016 – ProtectHear® offer a new range of filters to add to the product, accommodating more customers and expanding the product range.

Today we are serving over 1000 companies and over 127,000 individuals….. growing by the hour.

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