ear plugs


  • Maximum comfort, superior fit, allows ears to ‘breathe’.
  • 5 Year Lifespan.
  • Savings of over £400 per employee compared to disposables (try our cost saving calculator).
  • Ability to wear earplugs with other personal protective equipment.
  • Does NOT overprotect – you are able to hearing speech, shouted warnings and alarms.
  • Easy to look after, easy to clean.
  • Unique reference number mapped to the individual. This allows us to find your measurements for replacement pairs without having to repeat the ear impression process.


  • Hypo-allergenic silicone, medical grade – CE approved.
  • Toxicologically inert material.
  • CE Marked and Tested to EN 352-2: 2002.
  • Available as a vented earplug 29SNR or solid earplug 31SNR.
  • 3 colours: yellow, blue (food) and transparent.
  • Metal detectable option.
  • SpeakHear® communications systems also available or integration with existing radios.
  • Various filter options also available.

earplugsWe offer businesses a try before you buy ‘trial’* for up to 4 weeks, so that you can assess if ProtectHear® is suitable for your working environment. We are 100% confident that they will meet your needs but in the unlikely event that they do not you can simply send back your trial earplugs, complete with their packaging and no cost will be incurred by your company.

If you find that they meet your needs and wish to implement them within your company, we will invoice the trial and arrange for the rest of your work force to be fitted. Contact us today.

See also SpeakHear® communication systems.

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