Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is on the rise in the UK and many of us are affected daily by exposure to noise in our workplace. The Insurance Times reported in November 2014 that claims for NIHL have risen five-fold since 2010.

Compared to disposable ear plugs, ProtectHear® provides a better option that is cost effective, 100% dependable and proven to bring benefits to both business and user alike. Why?

  • The plugs are moulded using a painless impressions process to suit the individual which offers comfort, and enables the ear to breathe healthily.
  • You are taking positive steps towards protecting yourself against future NIHL claims by providing market leading protection for your workforce.
  • Personally moulded earplugs offer a sense of ownership and worth for the user unlike any other provision of hearing protection such as disposable earplugs.
  • Our expertise and specification will ensure that the earplugs will not over-protect. Bespoke and correctly specified hearing protection allows you to hear your environment around you. The plugs do not need to be taken out to communicate, thus increasing protection and potentially productivity.
  • Personally moulded hearing protection can be worn with any other form of PPE equipment, and they can be seamlessly integrated into existing or new radio communications systems in the workplace.
  • Genuine cost savings when comparing the basic long-term financial cost of moulded earplugs to other forms of hearing protection. ProtectHear® is proven to offer a return on investment after implementation. This can be instantly calculated using our online cost saving calculator. Can your company afford to provide less?


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