29 Jun

A Breath of Fresh Air for Hearing Protection, Avoiding Wax!

People who are required to wear hearing protection for prolonged periods of time will testify that one of the worst by-products of that is a build-up of ear wax. This wax can often lead to discomfort, dizziness, hearing impairment and even the onset of infection in some cases, and due to hearing protection being mandatory in many workplaces this is something that many of us have had to put up with for years. ProtectHear® and its vented design offers a solution that may help improve symptoms.


Don’t sweat it!

If you wear hearing protection at work, typically you are blocking or covering your ear or the ear canal to achieve protection from damaging external noise. The problem with this is that it reduces your ear’s ability to “breathe” and creates an environment which is hot and sweaty, particularly in the summer months, and unfortunately this is just the sort of place that wax and bacteria love! ProtectHear® and its vented design allows for a continual flow of air whilst being worn, attenuating external noise to a safe level as it passes through the passive filter within, but crucially allowing your ear to breathe promoting a healthier, cooler and happier ear!

Wax Lyrical!

Ear wax (Cerumen) is produced by the sebaceous glands and apocrine sweat glands which are situated in the outer parts of the ear canal. The amount of earwax produced varies from person to person and is naturally produced to protect the ear from the ingression of dirt, dust and microbes and bacteria that can lead to infection, whilst keeping the ear lubricated and clean. Ear wax will normally migrate out of the ear over time by itself but sometimes, particularly when using earplugs or hearing aids, it can be pushed back in to the canal often resulting in discomfort, a blocked feeling, tinnitus and hearing loss for the sufferer with the need to seek professional medical advice.

ProtectHear® vented earplugs are washable and have a replaceable dust cover which is specifically designed to prevent dirt and dust migrating into the ear whilst being worn in the workplace. This can significantly improve ear health and in some cases reduce the amount of wax produced, thus improving many of the common symptoms endured by the wearers of hearing protection.

For more information on hearing protection, contact us or request a no-obligation trial of ProtectHear® hearing protection for your workforce.

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