30 Nov 2017

ProtectHear® Toolbox Talks

ProtectHear® Toolbox Talks

We understand that with anything new it always takes time to get used to, that’s why we take our commitment one step further. Whenever a trial is due to commence we always offer a toolbox talk to companies, to demonstrate how our ear plugs are fitted, maintained and what qualities they offer. We believe it is very important for people to have a clear understanding of the product at the very start of the trial.

Involved in this is education as well, to explain to people that hearing damage is irreversible with Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus being the main problems. Noise Induced Hearing Loss is the end result of loud noise exposure. If you feel that you have to turn music up louder and ask people to repeat themselves, this could be the lead cause. Whereas Tinnitus causes ringing in your ears, this again is a result of loud noise, affecting around 10% of the UKs population.

ProtectHear® ear plugs are kept in a pouch with a belt clip, for users to keep on them at all times, eliminating the standard throw away disposables for a more personal experience. With our trial we give a trial welcome pack, this is to have knowledge on how to fit, clean and for education purposes.

Find out more about our ‘Try Before you Buy’.

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24 Nov 2017

Silicone ear plugs for preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Silicone ear plugs

ProtectHear® silicone ear plugs are made from a hypo-allergenic medical grade soft silicone, with a shore hardness of 25. This makes the product very soft but robust, fitting the ears comfortably. The ear plugs are designed to wear all day without removing, as you can still hear the environment. They can be cleaned with either mild soapy water or a wet wipe and the ear plugs have no moving parts, making them easy to clean. The silicone ear plugs have been tested by the HSE and was Model C in this test.

We have used the same silicone since the business started in 2000, handcrafted in our specialist laboratories. We provide a pouch to keep the ear plugs safe with a belt clip and instructions. This gives users a sense of ownership, as it’s something personal and unique compared to ear defenders and disposables. The up most service and education is offered to our customers, so people are aware why they are provided with ear plugs and how to take care of them.

What is Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is caused by being exposed to harmful noise levels. Whether this be from having music or TV on too loud or under protected at work. The signs of NIHL may not become apparent until later on in life, Tinnitus can be a clear sign that your hearing has been damaged. For the workplace if the sound levels are above 80dB hearing protection is optional and recommended for those working in 80dB areas over long periods of time. At over 85dB it is mandatory to have hearing protection equipped, otherwise you are at risk of NIHL.

How can silicone ear plugs prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

ProtectHear® silicone ear plugs prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus claims, the product fully protects your hearing. Still allowing a safe working environment as only safe sound is allowed through. Some users with standard hearing protection who are working and need to communicate may remove their ear plugs when wanting to talk to colleagues; this is a red flag as the user is not protected whilst communicating in the noisy area. ProtectHear® silicone ear plugs ensure the user is protected but not over protected, so communication with colleagues is effective.

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