19 Jul

ProtectHear Donation to RESPOND

Due to the war in Ukraine and many other situations more people have to leave their country and their homes, sadly ending up as Refugees in the UK. This is an extremely difficult situation for all these people, as they arrive here with nothing but the clothes they are wearing and perhaps a small amount of personal items.

We recently received a message from the Refugee Health Programme called RESPOND; saying there are refugees who have all been put into rooms but with the amount of refugees to find accommodation for, it means there are as many as 6-8 people all in a very small room. With so many people so close together the noise causes many sleepless nights.

RESPOND asked for any ear plug donations we can provide, to help everyone get a better sleep in difficult conditions. Although we specialise in moulded ear plugs we were able to donate the disposables from our obelisk which we showcase at events, to demonstrate the amount of disposables used over 5 years by a single user.

We are hoping with this donation we can help make a difference to the health and well-being of these refugees.

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