19 Dec

Earplugs in the Food Industry

Earplugs in the Food Industry

Earplugs are used in a range of different sectors from food and drink to engineering, noise is always an issue in production, the two options to prevent this are provision of hearing protection or reducing the noise at source.

We supply over 1000 companies with our custom moulded earplugs and have been operating since 2000. This year we were pleased to welcome many new food customers to the ever growing list, with our ProtectHear® being approved by all Food Safety committees. In the food sector hearing protection is particularly important as the machinery makes constant noise, exceeding the 85 dB level where hearing protection is mandatory.

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Another consideration with food is hygiene, the ear plugs must meet a certain standard being metal detectable and non-harmful if dropped into any of the production lines.   Our ProtectHear® can be worn with all forms of PPE and offer supreme comfort to those working in noisy areas all through the day. We can also offer communication accessories to fit any radio.

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