21 Apr

Hearing Protection Education

Hearing Protection Education

Hearing protection is important in the workplace, a working environment with 80dB has to provide training and information, educating on the hearing protection available. 85dB is the level where action must be taken, to protect employees hearing from any permanent damage.

ProtectHear® offers toolbox talks to our customers, showing how to insert and properly fit our ear plugs, pointing out the highlights of why hearing protection should be looked after. Being able to hear your colleagues/background noise is important, especially in working areas where there communication is needed.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss is irreversible so it is important to notice the signs before it gradually gets worse.

3 types of hearing protection used are disposables, over ear defenders and custom ear plugs. One of these options must be offered by your employer if the dB level is 80 or over.

Included with our Try Before you Buy’ are toolbox talks to all our customers, this is to ensure that a trial runs smoothly educating employees on why hearing protection is important and why the trial is being undertaken.

If you need any more information you can contact us.

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