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Environmentally friendly ear plugs

Environmentally friendly ear plugs

ProtectHear® ear plugs are designed to custom fit each user, moulded from the ear impressions taken and manufactured in a soft hypoallergenic silicone (which is a toxicologically inert material). ProtectHear® aims to educate users and provide a product that is more personal to the user than throwaway disposables. Our ear plugs enable users to have them fitted whilst being able to hear the surrounding environment.

ProtectHear® significantly cuts down the number of disposables used a day (approximately 3 or 4 for each user) down to just one, over a 5 year lifespan. ProtectHear® has a strong commitment to protecting the environment as illustrated by the landfill reduction in comparison to disposables. As you can see in the obelisk in the foreground of the picture below, this is how many disposable ear plugs on average 1 person uses in the workplace, over a 5 year period!

ear plugs

This is a product that is aimed at preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims in the workplace, giving users full protection and awareness. Studies from The HSE in the Real world use and performance of hearing protection actually show that only 60% of people actually wear disposables correctly.

We can offer talks on education to organisations.

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