26 May 2015
07 Apr 2015

Custom hearing protection at the Health and Safety Event

yellow plugsWe attended the health and safety event the other week where our ProtectHear® custom earplugs were on show.

Attendees were responsible for health and safety at work and custom hearing protection is obviously on the agenda for many of them judging by the amount of traffic we got to our stand.

Delegates were interested in how custom hearing protection, like our moulded earplugs, could offer extra benefits in comparison to disposable ones:

• Lower cost when compared to disposables – more than £400 per employee in many cases. Try our cost saving calculator.
• Better fit as they are custom moulded to fit the users ears.
• Bespoke – can be solid, or vented to allow certain noises through such as speech, warning signals etc
• Designed for all day use if required.
• Hygenic, washable, easy to look after.
• High quality and sense of ownership by the user.
• Simple yet effective training from us, so the user can care for their earplugs as well as their health.
No obligation trial for a segment of your workforce.
• Better for the environment – no more excessive landfill.

Landfill??? Or just one pair for 5 years?


As you can see the day was busy …


Although Adi, Jen and Kieran remained energetic throughout…..


And the winner of the iMonitor earplugs, suitable for MP3’s and Phones, was Mick Clow from Crown Packaging!

hearing protection

See you next time at one of our other events in May..

We are at Railtex at the NEC if you are in or connected to the rail industry – get your VIP entry and come and talk to us about personally moulded earplugs.

Or the SHE show in Milton Keynes if you work in Health and Safety.

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13 Feb 2015

ProtectHear® Joins the Rail Alliance

We’re proud of our membership of the Rail Alliance. Having supplied ProtectHear® hearing protection to major clients in the rail industry for a number of years, we felt the alliance was a good opportunity to share the benefits and get feedback about the work we are doing in terms of innovation and quality in the hearing protection sector.

Hearing protection rail industry

The alliance specialises in collaboration in the rail industry, and they provide impartial information and advice on a variety of areas. The rail industry incorporates a wide range of work where its employees are exposed to various noise levels, and our work, for example, at Network Rail saw us specifying hearing protection that meant track workers could be safely protected, but also still hear oncoming trains or other hazards.  The benefits to them were apparent and we are pleased to be involved with them.

ProtectHear® hearing protection has the following benefits:

  • Hear speech, shouted warnings and alarms whilst being protected
  • Does not over-protect
  • Has a life span of 5 years
  • Very comfortable and easy to clean
  • The ability to hard-wire connect to personal radios or bluetooth headsets
  • Can be worn with all other PPE
  • Eco-Friendly, 1 pair of ProtectHear® against 4800 disposables over 5 years

For more information about our work in the rail industry, please contact us or read about our no-obligation trial.

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